Friday, October 24, 2008

False Accusations

I wrote this comment in response to a rape apologist scumbag, but it's actually something that occurred to me when Ashley Todd's status as a lying bitch was found out.

It bears repeating here.

Stories like this demonstrate that the MRA fear of false rape accusations is so much fucking hogwash.

It’s hard to make false accusations and make them stick. Most people are horrible liars. In order to come up with a lie, a plausible story has to be concocted in the first place. All contingencies have to be accounted for. The lie has to be as simple as possible so the liar can stick to it, and the liar cannot under any circumstances forget or embellish any element of the lie.

When most people lie, they don’t think that far ahead. They say things that are implausible from the get-go, concoct stories that are way too complicated, make stuff up as they go along, contradict themselves, and ultimately dig their own graves. Just like this woman.

This is why false rape accusations are so rare in the first place and why they rarely gain any traction. The Duke Lacrosse case would not have gone on for more than a month if it hadn’t been for that overzealous prosecutor who ignored all the obvious evidence of contradictions, backtracking, and lying by the accuser. And it should be noted that most investigators and prosecutors are not that zealous. Their knee-jerk reaction is to not believe the accuser and to put her under such scrutiny that even natural inconsistencies or forgotten details (that always happen to victims of violent crimes) become evidence of lying. That is why there are so few false accusations, and that is why so few real accusations result in prosecutions.

Damn I'm good.

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